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22 Aug, 2020

Shift Lab 2.0 video is out!

The Shift Lab 2.0 Showcase is a video, shot & edited by Sunshine Chen, recapping the work of Shift Lab 2.0 and our Prototype Showcase from October 2019 at Norquest College.

What’s next? Stay Tuned! Our 2nd Year Report, as well as news on the prototypes will be out later in the fall!


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Addressing racism and discrimination continue to be identified as a critical piece of the puzzle in how we reach the big goal of ending poverty in a generation in Edmonton. Building on the work of many local initiatives, the diverse collective making up the Edmonton Shift Lab is stewarding an exploration to develop potential service, policy, system and community action prototypes that will help reduce racism as it contributes to poverty. We want to be bold and explore how to Shift ideas. Shift attitudes. Shift systems and Shift into new ways of solution finding with community.

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  1. johnny luv August 27, 2020 at 5:13 pm

    talking about racism equates to a doctor talking about perscribing asprin for a migrain. It’s bullshit as racism is simply a symptom and weapon of stratifying a colonial white-supremacist society of consumerism and exploitation into it’s categories of the privileged, those who cater to the privileged, and those who don’t cater to tha privilege and then We have the Indigenous Peoples who are at the bottom, unless they cater to the privileged as well.

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