Stewarding an exploration to develop potential service, policy, system and community action prototypes that will help reduce racism as it contributes to poverty.

“The Edmonton Shift Lab’s deep dive social innovation lab approach to address racism in our city is a strong and concrete initiative that will move our community forward to action”
Bishop Jane Alexander, Co-Chair, EndPovertyEdmonton

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  • One piece of a prototype from one of four teams
  • Check out Antoinettes talk on design equity Link in bio
  • Great event with Antoinette Carol  Our first of the
  • Sprint 4 highlights Teams now going to be testing prototypes
  • Shift Lab Sprint 3 underway Indigenous learning Behavior Nudge Science
  • Shift Lab 20 theory of change Stellar teams of diverse
  • Core team members dropping some wisdom Topics ranging from Foresight
  • 4 teams of 30 citizens brought back insights from research
  • Shift Lab 20 Sprint 2 started tonight Jodi and Sam

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ok, this all looks nice, but what is the edmonton shift lab really trying to do?

Shift Lab Report:
Learning from our first year

After months of work, the Edmonton Shift Lab is thrilled to be able to share the evaluation report from the first phase of the Shift Lab.

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