Learnings from Shift Lab 2.0

Shift Lab 2.0 continued to build upon our previous work and explore new questions. With a tighter focus around behaviour change, challenge scoping and incorporating Indigenous epistemologies into social innovation processes, we developed new tools and new anti-racist prototypes that are now in various stages of implementation with community partners. Taking place during 2020’s backdrop of a global pandemic + mass demonstrations against racism only underscored the importance of this work as we weaved our insights together.

Learning from our first year

After months of work, the Edmonton Shift Lab is thrilled to be able to share the evaluation report from the first phase of the Shift Lab. On top of our Developmental Evaluation report, the document also has four reflection sections: about our methodology and theory of change, a deeper dive into what we learned about social innovation, insights about how to fund social innovation labs, and thoughts on how to bridge social innovation and Indigenous methodologies and epistemologies. You can download the full report, or a specific section, using the links below. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and comments!